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Metamorphosiz Productions is a subsidiary of Metamorphosiz which is a video production company, specializing in both weddings as well as marketing businesses and entrepreneurs through documentaries, web campaigns, YouTube series, commercials, promos, trainings, events and branding videos. We also feature productions that showcase new talent as well as our production abilities. We can make your big dreams and realistic budget become a reality. We also have talent, styling teams as well as catering services available for your convenience.

Although we are always open to gain new experiences within the industry, we have experience on various projects as a Producer, Director, Editor, Cinematographer/Cameraman/Videographer, Host, Creative Director, Talent Scout and Portfolio Development.
Although we have unlimited access to any and all equipment needed for your production, our on-hand equipment list as is follows:


Canon 7D (HD capable)

Canon 60D (HD capable)

Canon T2i (HD capable)

Go Pro (Limited Edition)

28-200 lens

70-200 lens

2, 18-55 lenses

50 prime lens

40 prime lens

2 Monopods

3 Tripods

2 DSLR Movie Kit Shoulder Mount Rigs


Rode Condenser Mic

Zoom H4n 4-Track Recorder

Directional mic

3 Tungsten light

2 Strobe lights

2 Speed lights

6 Ring lights

2 LED horseshoe lights


Editing Platforms:

Adobe Premiere Pro 

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