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Business Marketing

Here at Metamorphosiz, we provide quality social media and virtual marketing content via photography and videography services.   Whether it's through photography or cinematic video we can surely accommodate every one of your marketing needs as well as headshots, business cards, graphics, websites and marketing materials.

Social Media & Content Creation 

Struggling with brand visibility but the idea of social media and creating content is intimidating or just not your thing? All this is totally understandable, I too used to be totally overwhelmed by creating consistent social media for the 8 different brands I built and manage until I moved from California to Georgia which allowed me more time to spend marketing my California businesses bi-coastally and financially not miss a beat. This reality taught me the power creating content and social media and now I am forwarding these techniques to you for the benefit of your business. 


Lets face it, Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs need visual marketing content now more than ever to attract and connect with their audience and if you don't have an audience, it wont be long after working with me that you will.

The formula is simple: more eyes = more customers = more $$. You don’t need a miracle or some costly marketing company to thrive in this area of your business. You just need me, a fellow small business owner of six thriving businesses and 2 blogs (which create additional income streams as well as opportunities). Trusting me with your business needs will lead to more customers and an organic following no matter what industry you are in.


Includes 150-300* Color Corrected/ High Res Digital images via USB or Google Drive link. 

$225: Product shoot, Headshots, Location and event (per 2hrs).


Cinematic videos helps engage your potential clientele.  Includes/optional audio, text and logo.

$175: 30 sec cinematic promotional video

$225: 45 sec-1 minute cinematic promotional video

$300: 2-3 minute cinematic promotional video

$420: 3-5 minute cinematic promotional video

Social Media & Content Training

$650: 2- Days worth of training (limited to Mon-Fri,8am-1pm) techniques specific to your business. Sometimes you just wanna save money and do it yourself... so with this option I'm sharing photo, video, lighting and mobile editing techniques which in turn allows for you to creating better and more effective branding visuals so you can build up your brand and clientele all with the power of your smart phone....Plus you get to keep all the footage we gain during the training.

Monthly Social Media & Content Packages 

Bronze $150 per month- Good for 1 post per month:

-30 sec video

-1 visits per month

Silver $300 per month- Good for 2-5 posts per month:

-(2) 30 second videos 

-1 photoshoot: Photography Includes 20-50* Color Corrected/ High Res Digital images

-1 visits per month

Gold $420 per month- Good for 1-3 posts per week:

-(2) 30 second videos

-1 photoshoot: Photography Includes 20-50* Color Corrected/ High Res Digital images

-2 reels

-Upto 2 visits per month

Platinum $555 per month- Good for 2-7 posts per week:

-(4) 30 second videos 

-1 photoshoot: Photography Includes 50-50* Color Corrected/ High Res Digital images 

-2 reels

-Upto 3 visits per month

*All Footage available via google drive 

**Turnaround time = 3-7 business days


Makeup- $95

Mileage Within 50 mile RT radius of El Sobrante CA or McDonough GA) a $50 travel fee will be added for homes located outside of the “travel area” for up to 50 miles RT, mileage will accrue thereafter at $0.75 roundtrip.

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