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There is no better way to make money than in your sleep after you've done majority of the work.  Offering the option of online digital courses to your students is not only the newest, most ideal and convenient way today's students prefer to learn but will also allow perspective students from all around the world to access your training at their convenience and at their individual pace.


Why Metamorphosiz?  

As the owner of Metamorphosiz, besides being a Photographer & Videographer,  I have been a Beauty Educator for many many years, I am also a Makeup Artist, Esthetician and PMU Artist .  Due to the fact that I have many skill sets I found that utilizing video marketing not only brought my business to the forefront but also allowed me to stand out and appear even more legitimate and appealing than my peers to students and clients alike.

We not only have had digital courses available to our students for over a year now but it has been very successful!  It is clear that it is currently the preferred option of learning .

I personally have been in this PMU industry for 5 years as an Artist and Educator and during that time I've witnessed a wave of new/ beginning Artists come onto the scene.  During the midst of that wave, there were many Artist claiming to now train in various PMU courses, while some were legitimate, others used the term "Trainer/ Master Trainer" to stand out from the new wave of Artists and an excuse to raise prices and train innocent students poorly.  These trainers, are the very reason my online course is so successful.  besides new student who have found me from Instagram, YouTube, Yelp or Google search, students who have had poor training are the main students that need additional training from a legitimate Trainer but many times have liquidated their funds in the prior course or are leary about taking an additional costly course thereafter. 


But don't get me wrong, by no means did this come easy, I took me over 2 years to develop all the footage, re-shoots, animations, voice overs, b-roll, etc .  Luckily, that 2 years allowed me the time to work out all the kinks and finesse it for future projects alike.  Having said that, we offer  you the option to have your business really work for you with minimal time spent.  Believe me, there is nothing like having both a production team and a Editor that knows the process of PMA procedures, that way you don't waste unnecessary time and money because you busy editing videos or going back and forth with your Editor trying to make it right,  we aren't wasting time trying to capture the perfect angle on set  because we know them all, but we re certainly welcome to your input and creativity!


The quotes are as follows:


  • -upto 2 videographers (2-3 angles)

  • -3 days of coverage

  • -upto 5 featured  fully edited lessons, each maximum run time at 45 mins each.


For just $10,500 

*optional- photos and film stills for just $100 per day 

*optional- add more lessons for just $1500 additional

*optional- animations 5-20 seconds long $100 each

*optional- extend your time by 15 min increments for just $300

The quote reflects, production preparation, director and production fees, equipment, amount of time 1-2 videographers/cinematographers we are present at on location as well as the post production hours which vary per the length of the proposed finished project, travel fees for  1-2 videographers/cinematographers traveling from the San Francisco Bay Area and 3-5 days lodging for 1-2 videographers/cinematographers.  This quote also reflects a heavily discounted rate do to primary opportunity and marketing usage of select footage from this project.

50% deposit is required to hold the shooting date and although most people pay down the balance as they choose which is usually paid by the shooting date, you have until the 1st  day of shooting to pay the remaining 50% balance.  Projected project return time is dependent on the optional additions as well as time of year but generally returned within 6-8 weeks.
Let me know if you would like to add or take away from any of these packages and I can reconfigure it for you.   Please do let me know if you have any questions, comments and / or concerns.   
Thank you for considering us to document your special project!

Stefani- Nicole Castro



Metamorphosiz LLC

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Arched Brows Training Academy

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This video documents Bill and Mirta's beautiful San Francisco Wedding

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